Republican Resignation Letter


Republican National Committee

310 First St., SE
Washington, Dc 20003

Dear Republican Party leaders,

I am writing to advise you that I am quitting the Republican Party, because I believe that the party has lost its direction. In the last several years, radical religous fundamentalists & representatives of the energy, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industries have shifted the party away from its traditional core values of personal liberty and support for small business and agriculture. Intrusive, oppressive, authoritarian big government at home, and illegal, unjustified crusades abroad are not compatible with traditional Republican or American values. Following the advice of preachers and divisive ideologues instead of professionals and scientists is a folly which was rejected at the founding of our country. Our nation's future is too precious to abandon the principles of American Exceptionalism for ignorance and greed, rigid ideology and fear mongering. The Republican pattern of lying to the American people on matters of gravest concern, with help of the propaganda masters at Fox News, has destroyed your credibility. I will vote, I will encourage others to register to vote, and I will encourage others to resign from the Republican Party. I will be changing my party registration to ________________________________.


your name here


copy this letter and email or send it to your former political party.

let them know their world is going to change