empty camelot ghosts crash through the mist

hear the rattling chains and baby rattles

now they are whispering secrets

from the latter days of the last summer of hope when


silently shaking like leaves in a strong autumn breeze

slipped into the shadows to wait for the days

of the days of the end when camelot's ghosts would rattle again.

once i once i

upon a time i was a child i i

myself alone i thought i could i

thought i would become the ruler

of the world i thought i would be rich

i thought i would be king have money

have sex have love have power have everything

i thought all that and thought and thought and thought

and i thought do i want all that or do i just want to love my love

myself my love and me i would love her all my life just like the movies

be loved forever let all that go not want but be be him like mike like ike like john like me

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