Netocratic Party Platform (under construction)

1. The Netocratic Party opposes criminal electronic eavesdropping by governments for the purposes of political blackmail, economic espionage, and the suppression of dissent. The Netocratic Party supports electronic eavesdropping to guard against corruption of public officials.

2. The Netocratic Party condemns the persistent willful ignorance and greed which have led humanity to the brink of global environmental catastrophe. The Netocratic Party demands immediate action to attempt to limit the human suffering and economic losses which will occur because of climate change.

3. The Netocratic Party opposes prohibition and the militarization of the "War on Drugs", and the widespread corruption it has spawned. The Netocratic Party advocates sobriety, opposes drug and alcohol abuse, and supports a massive increase in funding for prevention and rehabilitation programs.

4. The Netocratic Party regards an efficient public healthcare system as an important defense against terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and deadly infectious diseases. The Netocratic Party recognizes equality of access to healthcare as a moral imperative, a fundamental human right, and a matter directly effecting international security.

5. The Netocratic Party opposes the influence of any religious group which stands in the way of solutions to problems of overpopulation and ignorance, which oppresses women, persecutes any minorities, or seeks to impose its views on others.

6. The Netocratic Party denies and opposes the power of any government or commercial information conglomerate to regulate or control the flow of information to the people inhabiting the territory under its influence. The netocratic party calls for a global nonpartisan scientific authority to regulate information and education, with strict controls relating to weapons of mass destruction generally, nuclear technology, nanotechnology, cloning technology, genetic modification of food supplies, and climate change.

7. The Netocratic Party opposes the use and abuse of outdated copyright and trademark laws by large corporations to suppress the free exchange of information and artistic works and to deny individual rights to freedom of expression.

8. The Netocratic Party supports an Internet-based movement for the formation of a new global superstate based on the concept of the meritocracy by the end of the 21st century.

9. The Netocratic Party supports the creation of simple, standardized, secure systems for registering and counting votes in democratic elections in all countries.

10. In light of recent and powerful evidence of tyrannical behavior on the part of the U.S. federal government, and some state and local governments, the Netocratic Party particularly emphasizes its support for the First and Fourth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The Netocratic Party regards the Second Amendment to the Constitution as outdated and counter-productive to the cause of Liberty, and calls for its repeal.

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