the netocrat

Q. how do I become a netocrat?

A . since you are reading this page, there is a chance you already are a netocrat, although you may not be aware of it.

- you are intelligent, curious, and motivated to try to find better answers to the world's problems.

- you think the republicans are crooks, the democrats are blackmailed or bribed, and every other party is run by flakes.

- you are frustrated that every new political movement turns out to serve someone else's agenda or has some other fatal flaw that prevents you from supporting it.

- you are troubled by the way every new political idea seems to be instantly classified as "liberal" or "conservative" by the media, and suspect that this may be connected to an effort to maintain political control by controlling debate and stifling dissent.

- you know there must be a better way, but you haven't been able to imagine how anybody will overcome the inertia of the established system.

if this describes you, please think about considering yourself a member of the netocratic party. the netocratic party platform is run by party founder and webmaster Jeffrey G. Winter. party operations are the individual member's responsibility. questions, comments, criticisms and suggestions may be submitted using encrypted email.

Q . wait a minute! It seems like you are virtually labeling me and trying to sign me up for your cause, just because I clicked my way in here, even though you won't discuss the party platform or party activities with anybody!

A . exactly.

Q . how could that be, unless you are a cyber-nut?

A . well, the most important things about being a netocrat (besides being a person who uses the internet to find truth) are: support for individual rights, support for freedom of speech and religion, and opposing tyranny and corruption. most people agree with those principles, if they think about it enough, at least for themselves, if not for anyone else.

Q . Are you sure you are not trying to trick me into supporting something stupid or illegal?

A . in addition to reading the netocratic party platform please take the time to look at the rest of the site. the netocratic party is a "virtual" party. for now there are no fund raisers, no membership dues, no volunteers, no petitions, no phone calls, no emails. the netocratic party is a party of the future, it will take advantage of rapidly evolving political paradigms to gain influence and force positive change. tell a friend.

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