to and from v. khlebnikov

laugh laugh at myself laugh at my weakness

laugh at my games

laugh at my laughless laughter

laugh at my fear laugh at you

lifelessly listlessly laughing at life

laughing and dancing and singing and praying

leaning on me laughing at me laughing at you

and not at myself not laughing not listening

i love loving laughter and living and

you laugh at me leaving and i

laugh laugh laugh at you lying

and lying in laughter laugh loudly laugh last last laugh

there are no angels

there are no angels around here

just us sinners drinkin and smokin

the angels went thataway

there are no devils here either

they stopped by, but I think they said

they were going to catch the Catalina Express

and then a plane to D.C.

you can still stay and visit if you want

we have plenty of fun on our own

we play pirates and swim with the fishes

we'll never grow old and die because we don't really exist

but we'll do the best we can for you, given our limited resources…

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