The global climate is changing at an incredible pace. There is no way of telling what will happen - as anybody who ever planned a weekend at the beach knows, scientists' ability to predict the weather is not at the forefront of human achievements. The fact is, earth could actually be uninhabitable for humans in 500 years- or in 200. There is plenty of evidence to suggest to a forward thinking and well-read person that in 100 years it may be changed beyond recognition. Many millions of lives are at stake. Yet Amercian politicians do nothing -or undo what little has already been done - the media reports almost nothing, the oil companies pay scientists to try to convince people there is nothing unusual going on. Eventually the problem of climate change will reach crisis proportions, where everybody has to pay attention. Then they will see that we are facing a long term hazard which poses a serious threat to economic, military, and social stability. By then it will certainly be too late to take the most obviously helpful measures, like significantly reducting greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to whatever other courses of action are taken to deal with the problem, in an atmosphere of crisis, the response of many governments will be to clamp down on dissent, the right to travel freely, and whatever other civil liberties the crisis managers see as complicating their efforts. History teaches that once lost, such freedoms are not easily reacquired.

I believe that if we act now, if people wake up and realize that their education is waiting for them on the Internet, and that great political change is not just possible, it is inevitable - only the form it will take is in doubt - then we may have a chance. I believe that the key to success lies in fighting for every one of the 6 billion plus human lives on the planet, regardless of wealth and regardless of what form of government they live under. Saving the earth means starting by trying to save those who are the most threatened - the people who will be flooded, parched by drought, or ravaged by unexpected and deadly new diseases. People can come together and seize control of the future. Grassroots political initiative now can save tens of millions of lives. Apathy will cost many more.

The Netocratic Party is a virtual political party, it does not yet really exist "on the ground". Someday that may change. If you like what you see, please send a link to a friend or two. Also, please consider supporting organizations such as the sierra club, national resources defense council, world wildlife fund, greenpeace, american civil liberties union, amnesty international, and vote for the most progressive candidate you can find.

The remainder of this page is an archive and collection of links to major media news articles, official websites, and other interesting items relating to global climate change. Please email the webmaster if you find a broken link. This page is under very slow construction.

Maybe because the territory of Great Britain is smaller and more exposed than that of the USA, the British Broadcasting Corp. has done a better job of covering global warming/climate change than the American news organizations. Here are links to a few of the BBC's more interesting stories on the subject:

Greenhouse Effect Proven by Data

Arctic meltdown

Artic Meltdown II

Mountaintop Ice Melting

New England forests may vanish

Northeast Passage opens for shipping

Greenland's coastal ice thins fast

New greenhouse gas threat

Strange changes in Bering sea

Here are a few other articles about climate change

Scientists Increase Estimate of Global Warming's Severity and the Los Angeles Times relates an 11 degree increase in global average temperatures to the difference between LA and Seattle.

Ice Cover Melting: a summary from the World Watch Institute

Climate Change illustrated - pirated from the Hadley Center

Global Warming not to Blame - for all those big icebergs - from the NYT

Ocean Currents Changing - from the NYT

Ocean Temperatures Rising, Even in the Depths - NYT

Greenhouse Gangsters - all about big oil


Click here for an interesting graphic showing how much the polar ice cap has melted in 20 years.


Here are links to the most important governmental organizations dealing with climate change.

National Assessment - The US Govt. gets ready

The US Global Change Research Information Office - lots of research information & links

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - The most influential organization dealing with climate change

The Hadley Research Center - Part of the British Meteorological Office

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - resources page

Climate Research Unit - Another British outpost of knowledge


Other links

The Natural World: Climate Change from the NYT

The Climate Canary: still singing?