Q. What is the domain scandal?

A. The domain scandal is a complex plot to wield power over the Internet by various spy agencies, media conglomerates, national governments, and large corporations. By manipulating the public perception of the value of "Internet real estate", artificially restricting the supply of domains, and spreading confusion regarding the technologies involved, these scam artists garner support for allegations of copyright and trademark infringements by bigshots like Aussie tycoon Rupert Murdoch . One goal is apparently to limit the free flow of information over the net, paving the way for the "big brother" state. Resistance is futile...

Q. What is a fair price for a domain?

A. Domains ought to be free. The information you provide about yourself when you purchase a domain is worth far more than what it "costs" to process the registration. The market should determine the value of a domain after it has been registered. The attempts by ICANN to restrict domain name space amount to nothing less than a perverted attempt at social engineering, an illegal effort to dictate the form and function of the Internet, and by extension, society. The alleged "shortage" of domains is a self-serving propaganda plot engineered by big-money interests to justify their nefarious political and legal maneuvering. Unfortunately, it is most cost effective for them to purchase politicians and judges who will make and interpret laws in ways favorable to them, even if it means tossing out the First Amendment in the process. Only the interests of the gangsters who claim to be in charge of "National Security" take precedence over these corporate crooks.

Q. What else do you know about this Internet "conspiracy"?

A. The so-called National Arbitration Forum and the World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations are engaged in the wholesale destruction of individual rights to freedom of expression on the Internet, with the blessing of ICANN, one of boldest groups of conspirators in history. Together they have facilitated a massive "reverse hijacking" campaign by powerful and well-financed gangs of copyright holders, who have chosen the path of least resistance (trampling the rights of individuals, consumers, and the disenfranchised public) in their typically misguided quest to protect outmoded business models and resist change.

Q. Why do you have so many anti-corporate domains ? Aren't you just a cybersquatter?

A. As hinted above, I oppose a massive reverse domain-hijacking program by large corporations. Free speech and many other rights are being rapidly eroded by the corrupt judges and politicians who, rather than serve the people and the Constitution, protect only the interests of their corporate contributors.

Q. So what are you saying?

A. The political and legal systems in the United States are badly broken.

Q. What about file-trading and P2P networks, does that have anything to do with anything?

A. P2P Networks are the keystone of Liberty in the digital age. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act and subsequent efforts to re-write the Constitution are a thinly disguised, outrageous assault on Freedom and the civil balance of power.

Q. Do you really hate big business? Aren't you un-American?

A. Most of my objections to "big business" are not directed at the economic activities of large corporations (except for illegal discrimination, unfair wages, destruction of the environment, etc.) but instead at their influence on the political process. For specific arguments you will need to read my new manifesto, coming soon!

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