Mainstream media's conspiracy of silence: The Airplane Crash Conspiracy

This piece from the 1960's is a satirical attack on the perpetual conspiracy of the military-industrial complex. It seems strangely relevant today: The Report from Iron Mountain

This is a two-part essay about the origins of an imaginary future military coup d'etat in America. Not light reading - Part1 won a prize from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Part2 isn't bad either.

Warning - This conspiracy may cause an uncomfortable feeling of Déjà Vu: Operation Northwoods.

This is a "spiked" Washington Post article about drug smuggling. It later appeared in Penthouse magazine. If there were any other evidence of this, I would be really concerned.

Here is a discomforting article about the U.S. Government's efforts to manipulate the news. Lucky for us they haven't started posting fake stuff on the Internet!

These documents hint at an interesting twist to an old conspiracy theory. JFK: Bush-whacked.

This widely ignored report on the JFK Assassination Conspiracy validates the conclusion of the House Select Committee on Assassinations from back in the 1970's. Oswald was not the only shooter.

According to Fox Television, the Apollo moon landings were fabricated, the greatest conspiracy of all time, a U.S. Government HOAX.

This is a very well done page I found on the Internet about a science project that many people seem to believe is a conspiracy - or is it the other way around? HAARP

I learned about this from personal experience: The Domain Scandal.

Here is an old New York Times newspaper article I found on the net. Somebody else added all the highlighting. Probably no connection to the spread of AIDS, Hepatitis, or corruption in the Arkansas Governor's office.

At least some of this article about a lot of resignations from Congress in 1996 might be true, but I'm sure most of those Senators and Representatives quit because their jobs just weren't fun any more. Also included: a primer on how to investigate crooked politicians.

Another prize winning article, another outrage ignored by the corporate media monopolists: The Lead Conspiracy.

Old news about electronic eavesdropping, but still really scary. I registered after I read about this!

One lone conspiracy theorist's error-filled effort to expose some truths about JFK et. al.

Is it at all possible John Postel was murdered? Why would anyone want to do that? Nobody has even suggested that, as far as I know. You can't just make up a conspiracy theory about someone being killed - you have to have evidence.

Speaking of evidence, there is none to support conspiracy theories about the murder of JFK, Jr., it was all immediately destroyed, leading some to speculate about a possible coverup...

This story - a conspiracy theory about a "Dark Alliance" - caused a big stir when it came out, but then everybody just went back to business as usual.

Dedicated to the memory of David J. McCloud, USAF, who became disoriented while flying his new plane.

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