campaign slogans


It's the Atmosphere, Assholes!

Bush and Dick! Stop Them Now!

Marriage Rites are Civil Rights

The Law of the Land's been re-Written in Sand!

Secret Detentions are Dictators' Inventions

Read My Lips: Protest Government Eavesdropping!

Fuck Nouveau-Puritanism!

Bush Can't Hide a Long Stiff Nose!!

Patriots Know George Bush Must Go!

There's No Excuse for Fishy Big Bush

Just Tax The Gas up Arnold's Ass!

Resurrect the Death Tax!

Stop Tax Cuts by Fools, Some Taxes Fund Schools

Seize the Beach, Stop Offshore Drilling

Free Movement of Labor Is In Our Favor

Smoke a Joint for Civil Rights

Illegal Drugs are Profits for Thugs!

Abolish the Personal Income Tax



Hoist up the Jolly Roger!

follow the black eagle