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The images are from the SUL (greenhouse gas + sulphate aerosol) simulation and show decadal mean surface temperature changes (in degrees centigrade) for the period running from 1900 to 2100 with respect to the period 1880 to 1920. They show no global warming during the early part of the century and projected global warming into the future. Blue colours indicate areas that are cooler than normal and red show areas that are warmer than normal.

The SUL simulation uses historic rise of greenhouse gas (CO2) forcing, +1% increase per year from 1990, with sulphate aerosol forcing included (corrected diffuse beam over land). A new sulphate loading pattern is used at 2050 as supplied by Henning Rodhe based on IS92a scenario is used in combination with 1990 pattern to force beyond 1990.

[Temperature change at 1860] [Temperature change at 1870] [Temperature change at 1880] [Temperature change at 1890] [Temperature change at 1900] [Temperature change at 1910] [Temperature change at 1920] [Temperature change at 1930] [Temperature change at 1940] [Temperature change at 1950] [Temperature change at 1960] [Temperature change at 1970] [Temperature change at 1980] [Temperature change at 1990] [Temperature change at 2000] [Temperature change at 2010] [Temperature change at 2020] [Temperature change at 2030] [Temperature change at 2040] [Temperature change at 2050] [Temperature change at 2060] [Temperature change at 2070] [Temperature change at 2080] [Temperature change at 2090]

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